Fractal Gold Analysis & Beyond

Fractalyzer detects self-similar patterns a.k.a. fractals in gold and the rest of the precious metals market and helps you profit on them. This tool provides price projections (price paths) and it estimates whether the trend is likely to change. Fractalyzer provides price projections along with quality of projection estimates for GLD, SLV, HUI, XAU, S&P 500, and individual gold stocks as well as silver stocks. The projections are created for very short term, short term and medium term and all of them are unemotionally adjusted after each trading day. Fractalyzer is essentially an electronic, unemotional and effective expert in self-similarity that never gets tired and it's assistance is something that all traders should strongly consider. See why and how it works in the .

Key features:

  • Displays the likely price path
    The Fractalyzer shows the most probable price path that gold or another asset is likely to follow based on the similarity (and its level) with the previous price patterns (a.k.a. fractals in gold).
  • Provides clear buy and sell signals
    You can see buy and sell signals directly in the tool - green and red arrows symbolize buying and selling opportunities.
  • Quality of Projection tells you how important the current reading really is
    Most of the time Fractalyzer's price predictions are very important. If it's not the case the tool will tell you itself.
  • See what time in the past is similar to what happened recently
    History rhymes. Find out what rhymes with what you see as the current news. More importantly, find out what used to follow such similar patterns - that's the indication of what may be in store also this time.

Simply put, it's the fractal gold analysis done in an unemotional way. Here's how it works:

fractal gold

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