Option Calculator

You'll find Option Calculator's simulative functions a must-have on many of your option trades. Among others, it estimates an option's cost, given the price of a particular stock/ETF. The precision and the speed of calculations enable you to take the right decisions faster, and make transactions without costly delays.

Option Calculator overview

  • Option trader's essential
    One of the essential basics for anyone trading options who is interested to buy the right options at the right time.
  • Precisely estimates the influence of gold prices on gold option prices
    With blistering speed and exact precision, the Option Calculator enables you to take decisions faster by computing the option's future price, given a particular stock/ETF price.
  • Makes your option trades more profitable
    Helps you buy call options when the market seems to have bottomed, and put options -- when the market approaches its top.
  • Answers the most pressing questions quickly
    How much will a particular option cost at a given day and a given stock/ETF price? What happens to an option's value if the price of the underlying security rises by $1 tomorrow? What if it falls by $2.1 by next week? With the Option Calculator, answering these questions is just a matter of filling in appropriate boxes.

Here's how it works:

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