Pyramid Optimizer

Pyramid Optimizer calculates strike price of the option that maximizes your gains on a particular move in the underlying equity. You will see the profitability of the best strike price, the profitability of the at-the-money options, and the profitability of combining a few option trades (pyramiding them) so that you can easily decide whether the difference is big enough to justify the risk.

Pyramid trading essential

  • Estimates the strike price of the option with maximum gains
    It helps to quickly find out which options are likely to generate the highest profit for a given move in the underlying equity, as well as when to expect to switch from one option type to another. It also compares the profitability of pyramiding with ATM options, options with the best strike price (yes, it will tell you which ones they are), and the underlying asset itself.
  • "How can I do it? How much can I gain? What strike prices should I use?"
    ...All of these questions (and more!) are answered by this powerful tool. The Pyramid Optimizer even tells you if pyramiding is not a good idea for a particular situation.
  • Helps build your Stock/Index Option Pyramid
    You buy call options on a stock that you expect to rise. When you achieve a substantial profit on these options, you sell them and use the proceeds to buy call options on the same stock, but at a higher strike price. You can repeat this scheme for as long as the stock does not reach your price objective.
  • It's not intended to add your profits, it's intended to multiply them!
    This tool is designed specifically for people who want to make the most from their pyramiding strategies, and who dare to massively boost their profits.

Here is how it works:

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The Pyramid Optimizer is a Java-based application and you can take advantage of it using Internet Explorer or the 32-bit installation of Firefox on Windows and using Safari on Mac. Please remember to add v-sdelka.ru to your "trusted sites". In Internet Explorer you can do it in Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> Trusted sides -> add . On Mac it's in System Preferences -> Java -> Security tab -> Exception Site List -> add .

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