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How can I subscribe to your services?

In order to proceed with subscribing to the Premium Service:

(If you don't have a Sunshine Profits account, you can sign up for one easily. Simply enter your name and email address into the green form to your right)

2. Click "Add more services" button

3. Select the subscription that's best for you and click the "continue" button

4. Provide your credit card details

5. Click "Continue" button

How do I cancel my subscription?

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2. Under the "Active services" section click "Manage subscription" link to expand.

3. Click "Cancel renewal" button

You can cancel your subscription anytime. If you cancel the Service before the end of your current billing cycle, your account will remain active until the end of your paid subscription, and will then no longer renew.

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How do I change my credit card details?

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2. Select "Change card data" from the left hand navigation menu.

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4. Confirm changes by clicking the green "Change card data" button below the form.

In order to validate your card, we will need to charge it $1.
This one-dollar payment will be automatically refunded within 24 hours.

How do I renew my subscription?

All subscriptions on Commercial Services on Sunshine Profits are on a continuous renewal basis. Your subscription shall be renewed for the same period that you were subscribed to, prior to the date of the renewal.

How do I upgrade / downgrade my subscription?

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2. Under the "Active services" tab click "Manage your subscription" link.

3. Select the subscription that's best for you.

4. Click "Save changes" button.

How do you store my personal information?

We appreciate your trust in us and we are strongly committed to keeping your personal information safe. Our server is protected, both logically and physically, against unauthorized access.

I am a small private investor. Just want to know when to buy and sell. Should I subscribe?

As a small private investor, you’ll definitely love our Gold & Silver Trading AlertsChartsGold/Silver Stock Rankings, and the Correlation Matrix.

These sections of our website have been specifically designed for you to be able to make as much money as possible, given your individual risk tolerance and investment time horizon.

For instance, in our Gold & Silver Trading Alert, before a large part of the recent decline, we recommended our subscribers to get out of the precious metals market with their long-term holdings, and focus on making money using the speculative part of the capital only.

A multitude of financial instruments that we provide enables you to see the market from different perspectives. The more of them you adopt, the more accurate your decisions will be.

I'm totally new to investing. Will your services be appropriate for me?

Naturally! We have designed our service to guide you through the learning process without a hassle. How to Use section will help you to get comfortable with using our website and when you will be ready, just start using our comprehensive yet understandable Dictionary. If you are looking for the golden rules of the precious metals investment, make sure you will read our Key Insights, written with Investors like you in mind! Reading it should get you on the right track in no time. Additionally, by browsing our Website, you will see that we have made a large part of our content free, for your educational purposes - for example the Q&A Panel (everyday questions answered in one convenient location) and Multimedia (tutorial videos and more).

The charts in our alerts are dated 1 day prior to the actual release

Our alerts are always up-to-date when we post them and send them. The charts are based on the most recent closing prices that we have. Describing changes on the charts takes some time. So does writing the alert. Then it has to be proofread - otherwise a typo could sometimes change too much in our analysis. Then we have to create the e-mail with the alert, which then has to be tested for deliverability (to maximize the odds that it will reach your e-mail inbox). Then it is once again approved and sent. This means that even if you receive it slightly after the markets open, it means that we had to complete the analysis much sooner in order to prepare the alert and deliver it to you. If changes in the intra-day situation are material and impact the market, then we describe them or send a second alert right after the first one. You are always kept up-to-date even though the charts in our alerts are dated 1 day before you receive the alert.

There is a 7 day free trial of your service. Are there any application or other fees involved?

No, there are no fees involved. The trial is really free.

 and see it for yourself.

What do you mean by "Premium Service"? What can you do for me?


In short, Premium Service means the ability to use the content of: Alerts, Tools, Reports and Indicators - depending on the chosen subscription package. What we can do for you depends on who you are and what you are interested in. We believe that we address issues relevant to virtually anyone interested in the precious metals sector, however there are parts of our website exceptionally relevant to particular groups of investors.

  • If you're a buy-and-hold investor...
    You may appreciate our assistance while structuring your portfolio, selecting  Gold and Silver stocks (and helping to rebalance them), drawing your attention to long-term turning points in the market ( Gold & Silver Trading Alerts, Sunshine Profits Indicators), and optimizing your bullion holdings.
  • If you trade gold, silver, PM stocks and/or other equities...
    You might be particularly interested in our Gold & Silver Trading Alerts, where we present our thoughts on the current situation on the precious metals market and many markets that influence it. Our Indicators and Tools (like Fractalyzer and True Seasonals should prove a valuable addition to your current trading system. We provide you with a convenient way to select Gold and Silver mining stocks with a particular trade in mind and tell you what usually signals an important top. If you are considering using options but would read more on that topic you will find information in Options dedicated section of  Key Insights.
  • If you trade gold, silver, PM stocks and/or other equities and you use options...
    In addition to the abovementioned parts of our website you may find our Investment Tools particularly interesting: Position Size CalculatorOption Calculator - based on the Black-Scholes model, however our tool is designed specifically to make quick simulations ("What happens if this stock goes down 87 cents?" gets answered very quickly.) Finally, the  Pyramid Optimizer optimizes your pyramiding trades and checks if this is indeed the best way to go.
  • If you work in the investment business...
    You might be particularly interested in our . While we cannot give out the most important details, we believe that what do give out will be more than enough for you to decide that our content is worth including in your analysis.
  • If you want to learn as much as possible without making any payment...
    We suggest being quick about browsing everything you can after your register for the free trial, as the trial only gives you access for 7 days, and there's a lot to read (take a look at Services Overview). There's also good news - you can get access to the Premium Service  .

What subscription plans do you offer?

Gold & Silver Trading Alerts subscription is priced as follows:

  • $149 for 1 month
  • $399 for 3 months (you save $48 compared to a monthly subscription)
  • $1499 for 12 months (you save $289 (!) compared to a monthly subscription)

For more information on services and subscription plans, visit our pricing page.

When can I request a refund?

Sunshine Profits will refund your payment in full if the refund request is received within 30 days from the date of payment. We do not prorate any payments, charges, fees or taxes (if applicable) on any type of Service, regardless of the term for which the Service has been paid. If you are eligible for a refund please .

Where can I find my Account Summary?

You can access your account information by simply clicking on your name, which is displayed on the top of the website (you need to be  to access your account).

Account summary consists of your personal details (such as email address), active services (you can manage your subscription here), payments history and your referral link ( among your friends).

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro).

If you do not want to pay for your subscription with your credit card you may proceed using PayPal, or an international bank wire (you would need to subscribe for at least 1 year in this way). Please  so we may provide you with detailed information.

About Sunshine Profits

Do you accept advertising on Sunshine Profits?

No, we don't accept any advertising on because we are not willing to compromise our objectivity. The only way this website generates revenues are payments from our Subscribers and this is where our loyalty is.

How do you pronounce Przemyslaw?

For English speakers, my name (like many Polish words), does not roll off the tongue naturally.

The first part "Przem", sounds closest to "Pshem", in English. The "y" in Polish is like the short "i" in English (like "i" in "silver"). In the last part of my name, the "L" with a slash is like the English "w," And the "w" sounds like the English "v."

So, my name, spelled in the English way, sounds like Pshem-i-swav.

I would like to say that two of the major cities in Poland today, Przemyśl and Radom, are named after me. I would certainly like to say that, but of course, it isn't true.

How long does it take you to create a new tool?

It depends on the tool, but generally the process takes between 4 and 8 months until the prototype is ready. At first, we try several concepts to analyze a given topic. If none of them provides good results, we stop the project. If the results are promising, we upgrade and fine-tune the tool until the results are good and reliable enough for us to invest our own capital based on it. Once the prototype is ready, we proceed with creating an easy-to-use interactive version for our Subscribers. This takes approximately between 1 to 3 months. As soon as the tool is ready, we start working on a video explaining the usefulness and the logic behind that tool. This takes between a week and 6 weeks.

Summing up, in most cases we're able to provide you with a new tool between 6 months and a year. Naturally, we try to shorten the time needed for the whole process, but in no case are we willing to sacrifice quality for speed.

How long have you been in the business?

We have been researching this market thoroughly since 2003. Our first essay was posted publicly in 2007. The Premium version of the website was introduced in 2009, and we have been developing it ever since (creating charts with unique indicators and interactive tools). From 2010 to 2011, we completely redesigned the website in order to make it as easy-to-use as possible, and to increase interaction between our Subscribers and us.

There is so much free information over the Internet. Why would I want to subscribe?

Assuming that you do your own due diligence and read all free materials that you can find on the Internet, you can still benefit a little extra from the Premium Service. This can be either an extremely timely Market Update, or an issue raised in one of the weekly Premium Commentaries that inspires you to use a particular strategy or purchase particular shares, which explode right after that. The point is that this little extra can at times be worth thousands of dollars. That is just one of the reasons - click here to learn more about other advantages. You know what they say - "Partially informed investor is just as effective, as partially informed surgeon - will only hurt himself and those around him".

Who created the testimonial videos?


Director: Diane Estelle Vicari,
Camera: Ulli Bonnekamp,
Editor: Mike Murphy,
Production Coordinator: Bhavi Patel.

Why 'Sunshine Profits'?

Well, we did not want to name our Website with direct regard to any precious metal, because we plan to provide you with valuable information about investments even when precious metals cease to be our first choice. We would prefer to avoid changing our name, should that take place. 'Sunshine' represents optimism and bright look at the future. The combination with 'profits' gives you exactly what we strive to provide you with.

Market Related

A position in the precious metals market has gone sour. Should you revise your thinking?

Even if a trade is not perfect in terms of the entry price, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ve made material mistakes in it (it could have been the case as nobody can be correct 100% of the time, but the point is that a move against a position doesn’t prove that it’s incorrect) - we’ve been analyzing the situation thoroughly each day and reporting accordingly. It is the same approach that resulted in major gains over a period of several years. When one looks at the chart, it’s obvious when a bottom or top was seen IN THE PAST, but naturally, when we were at that moment we didn’t have the price data from the future - we only had what was available at that time. For instance, if there were numerous bearish signals present, opening a long position would have been very risky.

Please note that when you review a price chart, you see the price and other things like volume etc. but you don’t see the risk that was actually associated with a given position. Consequently, judging based on the price chart alone may lead to wrong results - like whether it was a good decision to buy or sell at a given moment.

It might be the case going long (or short) in the past was - as it turned out – a profitable decision, but at the same a wrong decision, because the risk/reward ratio was not favorable, in our view. With a deterministic situation like what we have in math, you can say that 2+3 = 5 and whoever says otherwise is wrong, but when you have only a 70% or 80% probability of getting a good result, it’s not that obvious. If you haven’t read Nassim Taleb’s book “Fooled by Randomness”, we highly recommend that you do - it covers this issue and many other important aspects.

You can think of numerous examples of how risk factors into the assessment whether a decision is right or wrong. For example, if one is asked to play Russian roulette and promised $1,000 for winning (instead of dying), is playing a good decision? The odds are that one will win, and someone who played it and won is profitable - yet, you can understand how this was a bad decision. The same principle applies to trading - if a trade resulted in gains it doesn’t automatically mean that it had been a good decision to enter it. If the trade was backed by thorough research and the risk/reward was favorable to enter the trade, it remains to be a good decision regardless of the outcome.

The answer to the question regarding revising our thinking actually has two parts. On one hand, we’re revising it each day – we’re looking fresh at the charts and then report what we see. If anything changes, we adjust the position whether it’s profitable or not. For instance, we might exit shorts at a loss only to re-enter them at a higher price which is likely to increase the overall profits.

On the other hand, we’re not looking to revising our model or the way we’re making investment decisions, because we don’t think one trade, particularly if it is still not over, has any significant implications for the efficiency of the approach. The latter can only be judged over the long run and our results suggest that our approach creates a lot of value.

Even if a trade goes temporarily against us, it wouldn’t be the first or second time for it to become very profitable in the end. As you can see, the trades that we feature in the alerts have generated substantial value even if no leverage was applied, so if the final trading results are not as good, then perhaps the reason is something else than our comments.

We’ll continue to do our best with our analyses, but we can’t promise profits on each trade. We do think, however, that our alerts will be highly profitable over the long run (no promises, though).

Can you analyze my portfolio of gold stocks?

Not yet, but we are working on implementing this product on our website. It should be available really soon.

Can you sell me gold or silver?

No, we do not offer such services. If you wish to purchase physical silver or gold you may consider visiting the Gold Investment Ideas and How to Buy sections for more information.

Do you have a model portfolio for gold/silver stocks?

Both yes and no. No, because we do not have a model portfolio for gold stocks and silver stocks, as we believe that this is an oversimplification that can be unprofitable to our Subscribers. Each Investor has a different investment horizon, and different risk tolerance, so it is really impossible to tell everyone to purchase the same stocks at the same time. Yes, because we have something better. Our Golden Stockpicker and Silver Stockpicker in the Tools section are updated on a daily basis, and provide a list of the best (most leveraged to gold/silver and with higher exposure to the underlying metal) gold/silver stocks with three time-frames in mind: long-term - for buy and hold purchases, medium-term, for medium-term trades, and short-term, for short-term, daily speculative plays. Based on our thorough research, the long-term investment efficiency can be increased thanks to rebalancing the long-term gold- and silver stocks according to our StockPickers. The profits on short-term rallies have also been bigger when stocks chosen by the StockPickers were used instead of a general proxy for the mining stock sector. As far as the precious metals portfolio is concerned, we have researched this topic extensively and you can read our findings free of charge in our gold portfolio report.

Do you provide short term and medium term trading ideas on gold and silver?

Yes, this is our main focus, and we cover these markets regularly. Additionally, we analyze the precious metals stocks. Our analyses are accompanied by suggestions for both: long-term Investors and short-term Speculators. If you're interested in gold trading or silver trading please visit our Gold Trading & Silver Trading Alerts section.

Do you recommend buying shares of XYZ123? How much should I buy?

No, we do not recommend any specific securities. Generally, we will provide you with our thoughts regarding the market and signal particularly favorable moments to enter/exit positions, but unless it is exceptionally clear as to what trading instruments it is best to use (or not to use), we will refrain from suggesting exact position sizes and choosing the securities that you should use. It is not because we don't care - it is exactly the opposite. We don't do it as we believe that it is impossible to do a good job here without knowing one's exact financial situation and their risk preferences. In other words - the action that you should take depends on your investment goals, portfolio size, other investments/correlations with them, how soon you need to sell this position, your risk preferences, etc. Our Subscribers have many different goals, risk preferences, portfolio sizes, and trading styles, and it would be impossible to suggest an action that everyone would be able to take advantage of. Therefore, instead of discriminating a part of our Subscribers by focusing on other part we decided to provide you with general timing suggestions and make the rest of the investment process much easier by developing Tools and  SP Indicators. For instance the Position Size Calculator and the Pyramid Optimizer will help you with your option trades, while the Golden and Silver Stockpicker will create a ranking of gold/silver stocks that is perfect for you.

I have a question to Mr. Radomski...

We appreciate if you send us market-related questions and we forward them to Mr. Radomski, CFA, but we cannot guarantee a direct reply. Still, if  about market in general, or about particular piece of news, this message increases the odds that we will send out an additional Gold & Silver Trading Alert.

Is there a ranking/list of best gold/silver stocks with regard to their leverage and exposure?

Yes, our Subscribers have been enjoying these rankings for years. We provide them in the form of interactive investment applications; they are called Golden StockPicker and Silver StockPicker. Apart from the abovementioned functionality, our interactive investment tools provide you with the list of best stocks for a particular trade in mind. You enter the price of gold at which you want to purchase your gold stocks, and the price at which you want to sell, and our calculator tells you which stocks to use to make the most of this trade. We invite you to see the tutorial videos in Multimedia section.

The world is constantly changing... How about the usefulness of technical analysis (TA)?

The most important fundamental that never changes is human psychology and emotionality of individual investors. This is something so stable that one, two, or even three quantitative easings are not able to change. Will China's growth cause people to stop being greedy when they see higher prices and fearful when they see them decline? Will Europe's problems cause people to act by means of cold logic only? Definitely not. Moreover, even if TA will someday cease to be useful, it is highly improbable that it will happen any time soon. Certainly, it is not a matter of weeks, months or even years because TA's foundations are based on real psychological mechanisms, that are an inherent part of each human being. Here is what we wrote in the past about the usefulness of technical analysis, and it still holds true today.

What kind of methodology do you use?

We combine various approaches and always try to look at the market situation from various angles. We use fundamental analysis to establish the general tendencies in the market; we use the technical and cyclical analysis with elements of the fractal theory to time the markets; and finally we use quantitative means to choose the size of particular positions. You can find out more in the section dedicated to our 


What securities do you cover at Sunshine Profits?

Basically, we cover all precious-metals-related securities, however not all directly. The reason for that is because all assets whose price depends on the price of gold and silver (mutual funds, ETFs, ETNs, mining stocks, junior mining stocks, futures, options, etc.) are highly correlated with the metals, and turning points are likely to take place very close to the turning points in metals themselves. Therefore, no matter which part of the precious metals sector you are interested in, you are very likely to benefit from our service. We directly cover (on a regular basis) gold/silver, gold/silver ETFs/ETNs, virtually all major gold/silver companies and approximately 500 junior stock mining companies, even though not all of them are presented in our rankings, as they feature only the top ones.

If you are interested in gold mining stocks, be sure to check out our Golden StockPicker.

If you are interested in silver mining stocks, be sure to check out our Silver StockPicker.

For information about timing (choosing optimal entry and exit moments, please be sure to visit our Gold & Silver Trading Alerts (premium) or Articles (free) sections.

When do you send Gold & Silver Trading Alerts?

We're sending the Gold & Silver Trading Alerts on each trading day and we send additional Alerts when points made in our previous commentary are no longer up-to-date (new developments on the market), or if we will let you know in advance that we will send one under given circumstances. Besides that, there is no rule as far as scheduling the alert goes - especially, it's not possible to reply to the "are you sending an additional alert today?" question. If the answer would be YES, then it means that Mr. Radomski is just preparing it, and you'll receive it within several minutes. If the answer would be NO, then it doesn't mean that we won't change our mind in several minutes or so (something might just pop up / something becomes clearer as far as chart analysis is concerned etc.), so it's not informative either.

Why are your stop-loss orders often so far from the current price?

The stop-loss orders are often relatively far from the price and that is something that may indeed seem odd. However, it stems from our strategy and it’s been working very well. The reason is that we usually don’t focus on very short-term moves, but rather short- or medium-term ones (ones that we expect to continue for 1-6 months).

The bigger the projected size of the move, the farther the stop-loss should be set. A stop-loss is the price level that would close the position by itself (!), regardless of the size of the volume, corresponding action in other related markets, ratios etc. If things don't go where we expect them to, we will likely close the position much sooner without using the stop-loss orders. In other words, a stop-loss level is a reply to the question “how far should the price move for us to change our mind on a given trade without considering anything else.” We always consider other markets as well, so our positions are rarely closed by stop-loss orders. Please note that a $20 rally in gold on low volume after major bullish news is a bearish phenomenon, while a $15 rally on strong volume without bullish news is a very bullish phenomenon - the price action alone is not everything.

Why don't you cover typical financial / fundamental analysis of companies?

We do use fundamental analysis to establish general tendencies in the big picture and focus on certain sectors; however, we do not perform classic financial analysis of mining companies. There are numerous reasons for that.

First of all, big investment institutions send their own experienced geologists to multiple mining companies and their mines, and then bet accordingly based on their reports months before this information can be reflected in the official fundamental data. Will individual investor be able to outperform them based on analogous, yet limited research? Not really. Instead, one can take a different approach. As the sophisticated investors make transactions, prices will begin to reflect the above-mentioned information. If one knew how to detect these subtle clues in the price itself, one could quickly, and automatically analyze multiple mining stocks and it shouldn't take too much time. We discovered a way to achieve this goal and this is exactly what our Golden StockPicker and Silver StockPicker do.

There are also other reasons why we prefer not to conduct the classic financial/fundamental analysis of mining companies. The mining business it is extremely difficult to compare particular companies, as they might have very different strategies. Take SSRI for example - the company's been one of the most popular silver miners (and a well performing one too) for many years before they started producing. Evaluating junior mining companies is even more difficult, as there are many non-financial factors that need to be considered, the company's management being probably the most important.

The final reason is that we are very cautious when it comes to reading financial statements. Some of the reports might have been produced in the "creative" way and since we are not sure that we can spot each shenanigan, we prefer to use other methods of choosing companies, entering and exiting our positions. For more information, please watch the video dedicated to choosing mining stocks or read our mining stock report.


I can't log in / read Trading Alert

If you can't log in and our system tells you that your e-mail or password are incorrect, please note that our system is "case-sensitive" meaning that if your password is v-sdelka and you type v-sdelka or v-sdelka - our system will not recognize you.
If none of the above helps, please try erasing your temporary internet files (you will find more details here) or simply .

I have registered but I didn't receive any message from you so far. What's wrong?

Sometimes our messages might get blocked by your e-mail client and put in the spam folder (most likely this is where you can find the e-mail that you expected to receive - if that is the case please flag our messages as not-spam). To make it more likely that you get all the messages that we send you, please add (if you cannot see the e-mail address, please make sure that you have enabled JavaScript in your web browser) to your address book / "safe senders list" in your e-mail client. Click here and here for more detailed instructions. If you still don't receive an e-mail from us, please .

If you used to receive messages from us, but you don't receive them any longer, please go to "My account" (click on your name in the top-right corner of the website), then click the "Edit" button and check whether the "Inform me about the website activities via e-mail" box is checked or not. If it is not, then please check it by clicking on it, and click the "Update" button. There is also an additional way to receive notifications from us - the RSS feed mechanism - you can receive them via e-mail and they are likely to be received because they are sent from a different IP/server) - click on each section that you are interested in and on the following page click "e-mail").

I want to receive messages to a different e-mail address. How do I do that?

1. Please access the  section (after logging in, click your name in the top-right corner of this page).
2. Under "Your personal details" click the "Edit" button.
3. Under "Account" click the "Change" button.
4. Enter your password and new email address.
5. After making appropriate changes click the "Change e-mail" button.

I want to stop receiving e-mails from you. What should I do?

If you do that you will not receive ANY messages from us, including those sent exclusively to the Premium Service members. In order to proceed simply click on the "stop receiving these messages" link in one of the e-mails that you received from us. It is located on the bottom of the message. Alternatively, please log in, then go to "" (click on your name in the top-right corner of the website), then click the "Edit" button. Please un-check the "Inform me about the website activities via e-mail" box by clicking on it, and click the "Update" button. If you decide to receive our messages, you can always go to this section again, check this box, and click the "Update" button, to enable them.

Is my data safe?

You can rest assured that your personal information is safe with us, as we DO NOT and WILL NOT sell, rent, lend or disclose it in any other way.

We are very serious about the security level of any sensitive data you provide us during the registration process. Therefore, we have decided to use DigiCert authentication services, a top-notch SSL certificate provider. We are also aware that even the fancy security certificates and encrypted connections are vulnerable to penetration because of the weakest element -- human. That's why our staff is highly trained in terms of information security.

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